The BLTT Programme

The BLTT programme consists of four sessions, bespoke for each client, to resolve PTSD and trauma.

The powerful BLAST ™ technique is used in combination with hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques to bring about fast resolution of trauma and that literal transformation into a new person.

Each session is intense, but also relaxed, and each session will strip away trauma, resolve it, and build up new ways of thinking and doing things that will become part of the new you.

The sessions last between two and three hours apiece- I believe in working with someone until we have achieved everything we can…. There is no “therapeutic hour” or clockwatching, we will do as much work as we need to get the results. Sessions are spaced to take place over four to six weeks, as the science shows that it is over this period of time that the most effective and permanent changes can be made.

The price for the four sessions is £395, and you will also get a bespoke MP3 to listen to and compound the powerful work done in the sessions.

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