Reviews & Testimonials

"I went to Tom over a personal issue which had been causing me much anxiety and distress; the combination only served to exasperate the problem. Tom listened to my concerns and really sought to fully understand how I was feeling. Almost seamlessly, the treatment began and I was instantly at ease and relaxed as he tackled the issue. One visit and there was a significant and noticeable improvement to my circumstances. I cannot praise and recommend Tom highly enough."



“I had a very traumatic birthing experience in 2001 and then my baby son needed a life saving operation at 4 weeks old. If I thought about or talked about the experience, even many years on, I would feel myself becoming anxious and tearful. Tom realised that I was suffering with PTSD and offered to help me. After approximately ten minutes with Tom, I felt like a weight had lifted and I no longer felt anxious or traumatised. The technique he used was simple but effective and I no longer have the issues I was having. I can't thank Tom enough.”



“An incident at work put me into a position where a motorist who was intoxicated drove his vehicle directly at me. As a result of this collision I suffered various injuries and broken bones. At the time of the incident I was only aware of the physical injuries I received, it was only after a few days of the incident, my mood had changed avoiding conversation about the incident with colleagues and more concerning my own family. The incident was a front paper article in the local press, and I couldn't even read the article. Talking to Tom he offered his help, we discussed the issue and clearly I realised I was suffering from PTSD, Tom went through various exercises and talked to me in a manner that after a very short time, 30 minutes or less, released the anxiety I was feeling and for the first time in 3 months I was able to read the article. I did run through the exercises that Tom showed me a few times following the consultation and can honestly say I have moved forward and have no issues or anxiety issues. The organisation I work for gave me limited support and ok can honestly say without the support Tom gave me I might still be sitting in that dark corner. Thanks Tom”



“This therapy is first class returning again to get a top up from past life regression. 5 stars plus. Condition PTSD highly recommend this kind of therapy.”



“I had a past life regression session and it was amazing! It let me see some patterns and themes in my behaviour and has made me think about how I can address these. I will definitely be going back! Thank you so so much”


(Stoke on Trent)

“Been to one session for confidence and 100% it has worked and I feel 10 times better. The hypnotist is really nice and easy to get on with meaning it's easy to feel relaxed around and I feel confident I can go back for something different and come out knowing it has worked. Brilliant techniques, would fully recommend to anyone!”


(Stoke on Trent)

“Went for an appointment with Tom for past life regression. It was really relaxing and amazing! The results that we came out with at the end was incredible! And I also got a copy of the tape recording from the session! Would recommend Tom at Reboot Hypnotherapy to anybody for anything!!!”


(Staffordshire Moorlands)

“Went for one session with Tom due to anxiety, stopped eating, sleeping and started to become quite desperate for help. This is where Tom managed to book me in ASAP, I can tell you now from being a complete wreck to after having a session with Tom, I've managed to be at complete peace, Tom also has given me the tools to go away and able to deal with the worry if I ever have it in the near future, Tom was very approachable and easy to talk with which put my mind at ease instantly! If anyone is seeking help, Tom is your best bet! Guaranteed! If I could repay Tom in anyway then I would!
Thank you so much Tom!”


(Stoke on Trent)