Hypnotherapy and BLAST

Here at BLTT we use the powerful BLAST (tm) technique combined with hypnotherapy to help clients to resolve trauma and effect a powerful transformation.

The BLAST technique is an EMDR based therapy, however is much more incisive and rapid than EMDR- the creator of BLAST describes it as “EMDR on steroids.”

The effects are apparent within minutes- a BLAST session will help the client to reprocess a trauma extremely rapidly and effectively, so that it no longer bothers them in the way it once did.

Hypnotherapy is used in order to help clients really compound the powerful BLAST effects and to help install new habits – reconnecting with loved ones, looking after yourself, eating better, exercising better, having a brighter, sunnier outlook and giving people the opportunity to actually enjoy life once more.

I believe that the powerful combination of these two techniques over the four sessions, plus (of course!) a good chat and a brew, really helps to skyrocket your transformation into the new you.