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Blue Light Trauma Transformations

The PTSD and Trauma Expert for Blue Light Service Personnel

If you are reading this, then it is likely that you are seeking resolution for PTSD or trauma.  You’ve come to the right place…..

Blue Light Trauma Transformations aims to be the leading provider of effective techniques to clients for the swift and permanent recovery from PTSD and Trauma, with a particular focus on current and retired blue light emergency service personnel.

Imagine feeling like you want to get up and do things every day, feeling fresh and motivated.  Imagine eating properly, looking after yourself properly…. Imagine improvements in your sleep patterns.  Imagine relationships with your family and friends reconnecting and getting back to where they should be…. BLTT gives you that literal transformation.

I have a background of seventeen years in frontline policing, and am well placed to form an appreciation of the pressures faced by emergency services personnel on a daily basis – spiralling demands, no staff, chaotic scenes……

I also know that many (far too many) “suffer in silence”, afraid to seek help for fear of being ridiculed or appearing weak, or being earmarked by their organisation as “unstable.”

Having worked in the sector so long, I also appreciate why people may not come forward within the organisation where they work – for fear of being “labelled”….. if you go to Occupational  Health, for example, seeking help, you may be concerned that actually the organisation where you work will never give you that specialist role or promotion, as you will forever be labelled with the stigma of having sought out help.

You may have found that counselling or CBT therapies worked on some level for you, but have never really resolved things.

This is where Blue Light Trauma Transformations (BLTT) can help you.

  • The service offered is confidential, and no information will be shared. Discretion and compassion are the core values at BLTT.
  • BLTT will facilitate your recovery and transformation, so that you can get your life, relationships and work back on track.
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Hypnotherapy and the BLAST technique

We use hypnotherapy and the BLAST technique- a fast, incisive, and effective method – to resolve PTSD and trauma.


The BLTT Programme

The BLTT programme consists of four sessions, bespoke for each client, to resolve PTSD and trauma.



A professional and friendly service, based in Crewe, Cheshire

About Us

We specialise in using Hypnosis and the winning BLAST ™ technique for the fast and effective resolution of PTSD and trauma in blue light and emergency service workers.

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